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Looking for a gift idea for your guitar-obsessed loved ones? Or perhaps they need a gift idea for their guitar-obsessed you?


The gift of a great playing guitar.

eGiftcards can be purchased online and redeemed for any service I offer - from setup and servicing work, through to major repair and restoration.

This is the perfect gift for the guitarist who has everything, or the keen student who could be learning faster and having more fun with their guitar adjusted for optimum comfort and ease of play.  Give the gift of a guitar that plays great.

Some services the recipient's instrument could benefit from:


Essential for every guitar

All guitars require adjustment periodically if they are to perform well.

Seasonal changes take their toll on our much-loved instruments, and even brand new guitars may require a setup to play their best.


Make it your own

Every player has the perfect instrument in their mind's eye.  Let's make it a reality - custom electronics and hot-rodded hardware are great ways to spice up a favourite instrument.


A little TLC

A fine guitar is an investment - one that can last a lifetime if well-cared for.

When was the last time that favourite instrument was carefully inspected and critical components like the truss rod, the bracing and the electronics given the attention they deserve?


Lets get it together

Maybe there's something that has needed fixing for a while. Now's the time! I offer an expert repair service to get that old faithful back in action.

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